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Teddy Douglas Top Ten
1: margaret grace "whatcha gonna do"
2: teddy douglas "party lights"
3: maxwell "till the cops come"
4: peven everett "can't live without"
5: baltimore soul tree "party people"
6: robin thicke "would that make you"
7: bjork "hyperballad"
8: gladys knight "Imagination"
9: mudfoot jones "never seen it"
10: byron stingily "get up everybody"
Teddy Douglas

A Baltimore native, Teddy recalls listening to lots of Motown, Stax and Philadelphia International records at an early age. An avid record collector, he has collected everything from 60's classic rock to 90's house. In the late 70's he began his DJ career performing for high school dances and neighborhood parties.
A key figure in the development of Baltimore's club scene, Teddy Douglas began his professional DJ career in 1983, with a residency at Odell's night-club and the Club House(Washington,DC). In the mid-80s he began working at the city's most influential DJ shops, helping establish dance music in a city that was virtually void of underground club culture. It was through one store, Music Liberated, that Teddy met both Thommy Davis (DJ and fellow record salesman) and Jay Steinhour (DJ and record buyer), whom would later form the Basement Boys.
With a fifteen year production resume that has elevated him to legendary status, Douglas still maintains an active DJ schedule. He stays true to his Baltimore roots by hosting a monthly party in the city the first Saturday of the month is "The Garage Work Party" at The Paradox. In addition, Teddy plays regularly throughout the US, Europe and Asia. His travels have led him to DJ booths in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, and Italy, at some of the hottest clubs in the world. Teddy is head of A&R for Basement Boys Records, as well as the associated labels. Teddy is also the major creative force behind Basement Boys Productions.


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Teddy Douglas , "The Path ", Basement Boys Records
Those Guys , "I Walk Alone ", Basement Boys Records
Teddy Douglas, "Bombelaya", Basement Boys Records
Curtis Fuller , "Minor Vamp ", (Basement Boys Remix), Savoy Jazz Records
Mudfoot Jones , BASEMENT BOYS PRESENT, Savoy Jazz
"Jay Bird"
"Everything Gon Be Alright"
"Gotta Hold On"
"Pray For Me"
"That Jazz"
"Never Seen It Comin'"
"Hold On I'm Comin"
"Mamma's Spanish Joint"
"See The Light"
Arnold Jarvis , "Love of My Life ", West End Records
Ann Nesby, "Shelter", Universal Records
Jasper Street Co. Featuring Ann Nesby, "Praisin' His Name", Basement Boys Records/Universal
Taja Sevelle, "Sympathy for the Devil", Basement Boys Records
Tramaine Hawkins, "By His Strength", (Remix), Gospo Centric Records
Original Blackman's Band, "The Casbaah", Basement Boys Records
Kim Burrell, "Anything" (Remix), Tommy Boy Gospel
Ultra Nate, "Get It Up", (Spen & Karizma Remix) Strictly Rhythm
Kim English, "All That Jazz", Nervous Records
Africanism, "Block Party", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Yellow Productions
Carleen Anderson, "Sweet Harmony", Basement Boys Records
Teddy Douglas presents Francesco, "The Caribou", Basement Boys Records
Belita Woods & Leroy Burgess, "The Best of Me", Basement Boys Records
Those Guys, "An American Poem", Basement Boys Records
Karizma EP, SHADES OF K, Basement Boys Records
"One Of Dem Nites"
"Shades Of K"
Jasper St. Co., "Lift Every Voice (Take Me Away), Basement Boys Records
Lenny Kravitz, "Black Velveteen" (Remix), Virgin Records
Deepah Ones EP, LIMITED EDITION, Basement Boys Records
"Makin' Love"
"Don't Blame It"
"Redd Hott Mama"
Erykah Badu, "Bag Lady", (Remix) Motown Records
Basement Boys Allstars, "Holiday", Basement Boys Records
Taja Sevelle, "Never Givin' Up", Basement Boys Records
M.A.S. Collective, "Release Your Mind", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Slip-N-Slide Records
Byron Stingily, "Stand Right Up", Nervous Records
Sun Kids Feat. Chance, "Rise Up" (Remix), Yellorange Records
Bob Sinclair, "Save Our Souls" (Spen & Karizma Remix), Yellow Productions
Jasper Street Co., "Smile", Basement Boys Records
Destroyer, "Love Like This", 9Spen & Karizma Remix), Nervous Records
Fusion Groove Orchestra, "The Dream" (Spen & Karizma Remix), Curious Records
Jasper Street Co., "Music", Basement Boys Records
Ron Carroll, "Stronger", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Afterhours Records
Kim English, "Tomorrow", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Nervous Records
Deepah Ones, "Dancin'", Basement Boys Records
Michelle Weeks, "Keep Tryin'", Basement Boys Records
Ultra Ferry, "Dangerous", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Peppermint Jam Records
Latanza Waters, "Ordinary People", Basement Boys Records
Three Fierce Divas, "Sweet Love", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Telstar Records
Kenny Bobien, "How I Feel", Soundmen On Wax Records
Kenny Bobien, "You Gave Me Love", Basement Boys Records
Charvoni, "Happiness", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Soundmen On Wax Records
Russell, "Fool For Love", Basement Boys Records
Black Mighty Orchestra, "Give Me Your Love" (Spen & Karizma Remix), Irma Records
Vinx, "Colored Folks Eyes", Basement Boys Records
Rhythmcentric, "New School Fusion", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Look At You Records
Those Guys, "Sierra Leone", Basement Boys Records
Joycelyn Brown, "Believe", (Spen & Karizma Remix). Subliminal/Defected Records
Those Guys, "Do The Boogaloo", Basement Boys Records
David's Daughters, "Dreaming of Loving You", ZTT Records
Amira, "Why Is It Wrong To Love You", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Virgin UK
Jasper Street Co., "Till I Found You", Basement Boys Records
Brigid Boden, "How I Cry", (Spensane Remix), A&M Records
Brigid Boden, "Must Go On", (Spensane Remix), A&M Records
Deepah Ones, "In The Sky", Basement Boys Records
Jasper Street Co. EP, NEW BIRTH, Basement Boys Records
"I Wanna Sing"
"God Helps Those (Who Help Themselves)"
"Till I Found You"
Tawanna, "In My World", Basement Boys Records
Marvin Springer, "Lies", Basement Boys Records
A.T.F.C., "Bad Habit", (Spen & Karizma Remix), Defected Records
Jasper St. Co., "God Helps Those(Who Help Themselves)", Basement Boys Records
Byron Stingily, "Happy", Nervous Records
Byron Stingily, "In My Mind", Nervous Records
"Funk At Midnight"
"Show U"
"Tedd's Beat Goes On"
Teddy Douglas and Louis Radio, "The Violin", Basement Boys Records
Kenny Bobien, "Let Me Show You", Spen & Karizma Remix, Soundmen On Wax
Sabrina Johnston, "Freedom" (Remix), Yellorange Records
Karizma EP, THE POWER EP, BlackVinyl Records
"The Power"
"The Sea"
Mary J. Blidge, "Beautiful" (DJ Spen Remix), MCA Records
Ultra Nate', "New Kinda Medicine" (Remix), AM-PM (UK)
Dept. Of Soul, "Stand Tall", (Spensane Remix), Narcotic Records
Those Guys, "Freak '98" (Remix), Basement Boys Records
Jasper Street Co., "Temptation (Lead Us Not)", Basement Boys Records
Backroom Congregation, "Sunday Morning", (DJ Spen Remix), Thickk Records
Susu Bobien, "Thank You" (Spen & Karizma Remix), Soundmen On Wax
Crystal Waters LP (3), CRYSTAL WATERS , Mercury Records
"Momma Told Me"
"Love I Found"
"On My Mind"
"Female Intuition"
"Let Go My Love"
Jasper Street Co. LP, IN A SPENSANE WORLD, Basement Boys Records
"Fly Away"
"Joze Jazz"
"A Feelin'"
"Love Changes"
"Daddy's Song"
"Get Together"
"Believe In Me"
"Temptation (Lead Me Not)"
"Solid Ground"
D'Shadauxmen, "Meesha Luba" Byron Stingily, "It's Over" (Remix), Nervous Records
Jasper Street Co., "Love Changes", Basement Boys Records
Jasper Street Co., "Solid Ground", Basement Boys Records
Lighthouse Family, "Raincloud" (Remix), Polydor Records
Southern House-Po-Tality, "Stop (Feel What You Won't) Remix, Basement Boys Records
Jasper Street Co., "Get Together", Basement Boys Records
Robin S, "All I Got" (Space Jam Soundtrack) Remix, Atlantic Records
Southern House-Po-Tality, "Stop (Feel What You Won't), Basement Boys Records
Byron Stingily, "It's Over", Nervous Records
Those Guys, "Freak", Basement Boys Records
Sticky People, "Make You My Man", Basement Boys Records
Michael Jackson, "Stranger in Moscow" (Remix), Epic Records
Braxton Holmes feat. John Redman, "People Everyday" (Remix), Casual Records
007, "Do You Believe" (Remix), Basement Boys Records
007(EP), "Do You Believe", Basement Boys Records
"By God"
"See The Light"
Those Guys, "Love Love Love", Basement Boys Records
SubLevel Feat. Donnell Rush, "Time To Celebrate", Basement Boys Records
Andrea Mendes, "Fantasy Come True" (Remix), Azuli Records (London)
Nona Hendrix, "Silly Games", Basement Boys Music
Sybil, "Ain't No Use", London Records
Crystal Waters, "Believe I Love You" (Remix), Mercury Records
Crystal Waters, "Who Taught You How?"(Remix),("To Wong Foo" Sound Track), MCA
Crystal Waters, "Who Taught You How?", ("To Wong Foo" Sound Track), MCA
Taja Sevelle, "Killing Time", Polydor Records (UK)
Donnell Rush, "Time To Celebrate", UMD/Dig It International
TRF, "Boy Meets Girl" (Remix), Avex Tracks (Japan)
TRF, "Overnight Sensation"(Remix), Avex Tracks (Japan)
Xaviera Gold, "Bad Girl", Big Life(UK)/Basement Boys Records
Crystal Waters, "What I need" (Remix), Mercury Records
Victoria Wilson-James, "Reality", Sony Record Pool
Ru Paul, "It's About Time", Tommy Boy Records
Kelli Rich, "If This Is Love", (Remix), Freetown Records
250 Lbs of Blue, "Rising to the Top" (Remix), 8 Ball Records
Karyn White, "Hungah" (Remix), Warner Bros Records
Shamen, "Destination Eshaton" (Remix), Epic Records
Jasper Street Co., "A Feelin'", Basement Boys Records
D'Shadeauxmen, "Spanish Storme", Defender Records
Sticky People, "Party Time", "Kong", Basement Boys Records
Meechie, "Bring Me Joy", Vibe Music
Imajin, "Shorty, You Keep Playin with My Mind", (Spensane Remix), Jive Records
SubLevel Feat. Tracy Hamlin, "Time and Time Again", King Street Records
Martha Wash, "Leave a Light On" (Remix), RCA/BMG Records
Spenitch, "I'm Blessed", Dolo Records
Crystal Waters (LP) 2, STORYTELLER, Mercury Records
"100% Pure Love"
"Ghetto Day"
"What I Need"
"Is It For Me"
"Daddy Do"
"Lover Lay Low"
Ultra Nate' (LP) 2, ONE WOMEN'S INSANITY, Warner Bros. Records
"How Long"
"Your Not The Only One"
"Feelin' Fine"
"I'm Not Afraid"
"Love Is A Many Splendid Thing"
"I Specialize In Loneliness"
"One Woman's Insanity"
Those Guys, "Good Vibrations (Havin' Fun)", First Choice/Network Records
Martha Wash, "Leave a Light On", RCA/BMG
Crystal Waters, "You Turn Me On", Hollywood Records
First Choice, "Dr. Love" (Remix), Salsoul Records
Mass Order (LP), MAY BE ONE DAY, Columbia Records
"Lift Every Voice (Take Me Away)"
"Let's Get Happy"
"Maybe One Day"
"I Wonder Why He's Sweatin' You"
"I Wanna Be Your Lover"
"Let Me Show You"
"Runaway Love"
"Over Zealous Lover"
"Spend The Night"
Paula Abdul, "Vibology" (Remix), Virgin Records
Little Louie Vega, "Ride The Rhythm" (Remix), Atlantic Records
Cut-N-Move, "Get Serious" (Remix), Epic Records
Crystal Waters (LP) 1, SURPRISE, Mercury Records/A&M Records
"Gypsy Woman(She's Homeless)"
"Makin' Happy"
"Small Cry"
"Tell Me"
"Good Lovin'"
"Deepest of Hearts"
Those Guys, "Tonite", MCA Records
33 1/3 Queen (EP), Nugroove Records
"Turn This Mother Out"
"Melody Man"
"Breakin' Wind"
"Steal Blue"
"Disco 4"
Tony Lemans, "Higher Than High" (Remix), Paisely Park Records
Numarx, "Do It Good", ZYX Records
Ultra Nate' (LP) 1 BLUE NOTES IN THE BASEMENT, Warners Bros. Records
"Its Over Now"
"Is It Love"
"Deeper Love (Missing You)"
"Blue Notes"
"Sand of Time"
"You and Me Together"
"Love Hungover"
"It's My World"
"Funny How Things Change"
SubLevel feat. Andrea Holdclaw, "Don't Blame Me", Profile Records
Basement Boys, "Love Don't Live Here", Jump Street Records……………..1998

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